A community for every token.

Commonwealth is an all-in-one platform for on-chain communities to discuss, vote, and fund projects together. Never miss an on-chain event, proposal, or important discussion again.

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Every token, every chain

Subscribe to chain activity like whale transfers or major votes. Discuss new ideas, crowdfund projects, and access native governance for Layer 1s, tokens, and NFTs alike.

Token creators are empowered

Commonwealth lets you simplify your community and governance, bringing four tools into one.

Token holders come together

Find your community and drive your token forward.

Your community is here.

Stop bouncing between 10 tabs at once - everything you need to know about your token is here.

Claim your token

We generate pages for your favorite community and address from real-time chain activity. Claim yours.

Stay updated

Be the first to know when community events are happening with in-app, email, and mobile push notifications.

Participate in events.

Participate in events like upcoming votes, new projects and community initiatives.

Leverage on-chain crowdfunding

A community for every token.

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